Friday, October 9, 2015

Andy is 8 Months!

Andy is 8 Months old!
He is weighing right at 21 pounds. He wears 12-18 months clothes and still size 4 diapers. This has been a big month for my big guy!!
This month Andy has:
  • Gotten two more teeth, bringing the total to 4 on bottom, no top ones yet!
  • He officially is CRAWLING!! Everywhere!! He actually started crawling like 4 days after he turned 7 months, so he has already had a month to perfect it and he is fast!!
  • He is also pulling up! He can get himself stood up in no time. He also tries to let go and stand alone, but that isn't going so well for him right now! :)
  • He is still getting up about once to nurse at night. He goes down at 7:30 and wakes for the morning about 7.
  • He is eating solid foods at lunch and dinner. I actually quit doing baby led weaning with him and just started baby food. He was choking like crazy because he kept taking huge bites. Baby food also made like more convenient. We are slowly adding in more foods.
  • His pincher grasp is getting much better. He loves to pick up any speck he can find on the carpet and attempt to eat it.
  • He is an aggressive little guy. He loves to smack people. It's somewhat funny and a little scary! Haha!
  • He LOVES his big sisters! He gets so excited to play with them. He has also figured out that they love to laugh at him. He's already a bit of a class clown. :)
  • He has just started having separation anxiety. Even still, its rare. He doesn't mind new people and has rarely met a stranger.
  • He is officially moved out of the nursery room at church. Now that he is mobile he got a promotion!
This little fellow is a charmer! He has the biggest smiles ever and just melts his momma's heart!

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