Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Andrew's 9, 10, 11, & 12 month post!!

Oh this little blog of mine just keeps getting pushed further down the to-do list. I want to get it caught up. I am very sad that I have done so poorly keeping up with his monthly milestones. Poor third kid.

My little model. He such a sweet baby! He is a super fast crawler!

This little man often cracks himself up these days! He hollers mama all the time and it just makes me melt!!

11 Months
He started walking right about 11 months!
As you can tell he was so not impressed with these pictures! :)

12 Months
He is a quick little guy, trying to run more everyday! :)
He has 8 teeth with 2 more on the way I believe.
He wears mostly 18 month clothing and size 4 shoes and diapers.
He is a big fan of his pacifier and often loves to have several as you can see in the pictures above.
He is saying mama like a champ. He is still rarely saying dada. He has began to say paci and my favorite, banana! He says a word that sounds like 'Mil-mil' which I think is his version of Millie! :)
This boy of mine loves to be physical, often throwing and hitting. He has brought tears to his sisters many times with a surprise attack of either hitting them with something, pulling hair, or throwing something too hard.
He is obsessed with being outside. He will stand by the door and beg like a puppy to go play on the trampoline!
He is a good sleeper and a trooper about sleeping on the go. Poor boy has taken so many naps in the car sitting in parking lots waiting to drop off or pick up sisters.
He is such a sweet and happy little man. His fake laugh keeps us all cracking up and his real giggle is so stinking cute!
He is also a bit of a hot temper. I joke that he should be a red head. Especially if I take something away that he is not supposed to have...he's perfected the tantrum already! Yikes! :)
He has given up the bottle right about 11 months. He is a terribly picky eater even though he doesn't look like it!

This little guy is our pride and joy! We can't imagine not having this rough and tumble little guy to keep us on our toes around here! We love our Andy to pieces!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Anderle Christmas 2015

We had the Anderle Christmas on the 27th this year. With so many more siblings its always a bit tricky getting everyone together, but we always do, and it is so much fun! I didn't take near as many pictures on this side.
My kids once again got spoiled. Both by gifts, and time and love!

The three littlest brothers all geared up ready to go put out the trash! It ended up snowing and sleeting while we were there and was so cold!

Nana and Addy. Addy is modeling her new Ruby birthstone earrings she got!

Their great Grandmama handmade these two these adorable sets! They have loved them and used them tons already!

For Aunt Jenny's annual scavenger hunt, the big kids always get movies. She instead spoiled Andy with Woody, Buzz and Bullseye...all with Andy's name on their feet of course! :)

Addy got Snow White!

Elli got Bubble Guppies!

Tearing into the final box of the scavenger hunt to get their movies and prizes!

I love all these munchkins! This is 10 of the grandkids. We were missing Cooper who had just woke up and wasn't quite in the picture mood!

What an amazing family we were blessed with! I am thankful I married into this group of fun loving crazies!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas Eve Night and Christmas Morning

This year we went home from my parents on Christmas Eve to go to our church's service. It was beautiful and tradition that I want to keep!

After that we went home and began preparations for Santa. I am not a baker and definitely not a cookie maker, but we bought the sheets of cookie dough and used some cookie cutters to cut out some fun shapes. I whipped up some easy icing and let the girl have fun. It was a sugary mess, but they loved it!

As per tradition, they also got to tell Alfed our elf by before he left with Santa for the Northpole. Elli has been dying to touch him so she jumped at the chance for a hug!

Addy was much more apprehensive, but loved it!

After everything was laid out and ready, we always read the Christmas story from the bible. This was the first year we didn't read from a real bible, because Addy wanted to read it this year! I have to admit that it was the sweetest thing I have ever heard!

Santa got right to work after these kids passed out!

We had a very very humble Christmas this year. One, we were going for pretty low budget, but two, our house is at max on space and toys. I really didn't want to buy meaningless things for the sake of presents. Addy got her lego sets and a sleeping bag.

Elli has been obsessed with letters so Santa hit jackpot with this phonic set,

as well as her very own set of lego duplos.

And this big guy got this little indoor slide! He hasn't quite mastered the steps, but loves climbing up the front and sliding back down on his belly.

From Bradley and I this year we bought all three one gift! A trampoline!! They were both pretty worried that there were no gifts under our tree this year. I have to admit that is was a little sad, but those feelings quickly wore off as their eyes lit up upon seeing this!

A huge shout out to their daddy who worked out in the cold for several hours getting it all put together Christmas Eve night and into the wee morning so these kids could try it out before heading back to the Erwin side for Christmas day!  

Erwin Christmas 2015

Erwin Christmas this year was so much fun! The weather was perfect and the company even better! ;)

These Erwin grandkids are the cutest blondies you've ever seen!

My aunt, uncle and two cousins!

My sister did an amazing job having tons of crafts and games to keep these little hands busy!

My two little sisters

Matching jammes for the ladies in the family! We won't talk about how many takes it took to get a good photo!

and my sister bought matching jammies for the littles! Even Hannah's furbaby was included!

Reindeer antlers!

We also had lots of  'snowball' fights. I have to say this was the most hilarious thing you've ever seen. These little and big kids had a blast playing dodgeball with soft snowballs!

I love watching these 5 littles grow and change together. Elli and Barrett are almost like having two really spunky twins around with opposite personalities! These kids love each other so much and I love helping them create memories together!