Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Andy is 7 months!

This sweet boy is already 7 months! Of course, I am late getting the post out again, but the pictures are always on time! ;)
My sweet big boy! He is wearing all 12-18 month clothing already. He is around 21 pounds I believe. He is quickly catching up to his big sister in size! He wears size 4 diapers and is about a size 3 on shoes.
  • This sweet boy is still waking once a night to nurse. He usually comes to my bed about 4 and nurses for a bit and then lays back down until 7. He is in bed each night by 7:30.
  • He is still nursing every three hours, or sooner, you know, whenever he wants basically! I have to admit that I have done a terrible job with a schedule for this kid, so I just go with the flow on nursing! :)
  • We did start baby led weaning this month. He loves it so much! He is so messy, but so happy when he's covered in food! He has had yogurt, avocado, carrots, grilled cheese and peanut butter sandwiches, crackers, pork chop, cantaloupe, and watermelon!
  • He is totally a sitter and trying to be a crawler. He can pull himself and scoot to what he wants. It looks like he is doing the worm!
  • He still loves his pacifiers. He can usually get it in his mouth himself. He still can't locate them himself in his bed, which is probably because he throws them all out. He gets some serious distance on them too!
  • He is such a sweet and happy guy. He attracts ladies of all ages with his charm and pretend shy face! He loves getting attention and will sometimes squeal and slaps at others until they notice his silly antics. He is a heartbreaker for sure!
  • He still loves to attack people's faces and grab your lips and slap your face. I think its a reaction to being excited, but he's brutal! We are working on 'gentle hands.'
  • He is the worst baby ever to put to sleep! He refuses to go down easy and hates rocking most of the time. He has so much energy. He usually takes about three 1 hour naps a day. That has been a result of school pick up. He wants to take a long afternoon nap, but I always have to wake him to go get Addy, so then he needs a third nap before dinner.

This sweet little guy just has his mama wrapped. I love his determined spirit and happy disposition. He still reminds me so much of Addy at this age. Such a go-getter!

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  1. I love the post with pictures of him, but I am really loving your new pictures on the side! I love the family pictures & all of the kids individual pictures in their Tech gear, Even though I don't like the Red Raiders, they are still adorable :)