Thursday, September 10, 2015

First week of school for Andy and Elli

In an effort to ease the burn of Addy being gone all day, everyday for Elli I decided to up our activities together. The first week that Addy was gone we just played and did some fun ABC and color activities.

 Since we were finally in a good new routine, I finally decided to start feeding this guy. We introduced him to foods that we were eating. I must confess, I dove in completely with baby led weaning. After a week of it, I am pulling back tremendously and even bought a few baby foods. This guy doesn't take things slow like Elli and has ended up choking on several things because he tries to take big bites and swallow! No stopping this little eater!

And this is how we end every meal...with a sink bath!
While there has been a definite hole in our day that Addy used to fill...these two are finding more opportunities to bond. Elli has stepped up the big sister role and cracks me up trying to handle her big-little brother.

With our day being cut short we also have had to adjust to a new naptime routine. They both have to lay down early in order to be awake by 2 to go get Addy. It was challenging because over the summer they didn't lay down before 1:30. I have been putting them both in my bed and you can tell I even let Millie join in. It is an easy way to ensure everyone gets a nap!

 I am hoping we continue to adjust to our routine and not having Addy with us every day. I miss that girl like crazy every day still!

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