Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Addy's first day of Kindergarten!

Can you see the nervousness in her face? EEK! I can't believe my sweet girl started kindergarten! She chose this dress to wear from her Aunt Liv on the first day.

We made the first day a family affair! We all loaded up and walk Addy in. Elli was so excited! Andy was pulled straight from bed and only slightly amused! :)

She joined her class in the cafeteria until the bell rang. Tears filled my eyes as she sat there so brave, and yet couldn't help but look over her shoulder to make sure we hadn't left quite yet.

When the bell rang we walked with her class to the room. She was so excited and nervous. She unloaded her backpack, made her lunch choice, and then sat down to start on her morning activity. We all hugged and I stood outside her room through the pledge with all the other mommas shedding tears. It was so hard to pull myself out of the school, but I did it! I was so glad Bradley was with me!

After school we all went to pick her back up. She was so excited to tell us all about her day. I think the biggest shocker to her was lunch. She said, "Mom, they told us when we had to stop eating!" and "Ms. Anderson just left us there." It cracked me up hearing things from her perspective.
We love her teacher and are excited about a wonderful year in Kindergarten!!

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