Thursday, September 10, 2015

A is for Apple

I've decided to take Elli through the alphabet each week of school. Addy's babysitter did this with her when she was about the same age and I think it helped a lot, plus she loved it! Elli will be getting additional letter practice at school, but this gives us some fun things to do each week.
I only have Elli home on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So three days and I try to have just two or three activities each day that we do while Andy is taking his morning nap.
I love sensory bins so we started our A week with a bin of Applejacks.
Elli quickly decided they were a wonderful snack and her 'apple pie making' soon turned into eating! :)

Then we cut up an apple and worked on her cutting skills. We counted the seeds and I tried to get her to try a bite. Goofy kid just will not try apple, not sure what it is that gets her.

Then we used the half of the apple that wasn't cut to do some painting.
We worked on color sorting and gluing with apple trees.
I then had her glue together a puzzle that spelled her name. It was supposed to be an apple. Addy informed me it was more of a tomato! Haha!
We ended our A week with a homemade apple pie. We waited until Saturday to do this one so Addy could help. I have to admit she did most of the labor. Elli came and went, but Addy saw it through with me!

Our finished product!!

We brought it to Granny and Grandpas that night to share with everyone. It was delicious if I do say so myself!! :)

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  1. dang! I better step up my game! those activities are AWESOME!