Friday, August 28, 2015

Addy's Birthday Sleepover

This year for Addy's birthday she requested a sleepover. I have to admit I was very excited about it! I am all about birthday parties for my kids, but we have just had so much going on that I knew having a big birthday was going to be tough this year. She invited Landri and Peyton over. This was Peyton's first sleepover with a friend and I am so glad her mom entrusted her to us! They had a blast!!

Friday night my parents came down and we did cake and ice cream with the girls. Then we gave Addy her big gift from her grandparents. I can't even explain how much fun this thing has been! I also won't deny that I took my turn riding in it! :)

We aired up the air mattress, put in a movie and filled up on all the juice and sugar they could handle!

The next morning we began the "craft party" as Addy requested. She chose her own crafts and I have to say, the girls had a blast with them all!
First they put their name on a canvas and then painted them.

Then they all got to color a bag we found at the dollar store.

Then we made stencils to color their initial with sharpie onto their own tshirts.

Lastly, Addy chose to made sand art crosses.

Before everyone left, we had to enjoy the summer heat in swimsuit fashion! We cranked up the sprinkler and filled the pool for some fun!

It was the absolute easiest and least amount of work that I have ever put into a party, but Addy loved every minute of I will call that a win!! :)

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