Saturday, August 29, 2015

Andy 6 Months

6 Months!!! This major milestone hits me so hard with each kid. Halfway to their first bday!
This little chunk of a boy is weighing in at 18 lbs. 14.5 ounces (75th percentile!!) He was 27 inches long! He is a big, big boy! His sisters were nearly a year before they weight that! He is mostly in 6-9 month clothes but they are getting so tight so we have began to buy 12 month. He is in size 4 diapers.
This month:
  • He is nursing exclusively still. We have began to introduce a few foods just for fun. We will start baby led weaning in the coming weeks.
  • He is back to pretty crummy sleep. We hit a definite growth spurt. The boy was eating like crazy!
  • He has impressive body control. He can sit unassisted for good periods of time with an occasional toppling.
  • He is seriously already trying to crawl. I know it'll be a bit before he can get it all going in the same direction, but he is already on the move. He rolls all over the place to get what he wants. He has begun using his arms to pull himself to something in an army crawl of sorts.
  • This boy may have the squishiest thighs you've ever seen. People can rarely refrain from squeezing them and giggling...but don't be fooled. He has some serious muscle. He can hold on so tight with his feet while on my hip that you have to peel them off. He will wrap his legs around my arm and hang upside down. It is insane.
  • His favorite past time is shoving his hand down my throat! :) It is so frustrating when trying to nurse him. He will not give up the entire time he eats...and often his little fingernails are like razor blades on my face!
  • This kid loves his feet! He will pull his foot into his mouth and suck on his big toe. It is hilarious how easy he can fold himself up!
  • He is a pacifier boy. He has gotten it in his mouth by himself a few times. We are working on it. He is also really good at throwing them all out of the crib! :)
  • He is obsessed with is in his DNA, no lie. We don't have cars and trucks toys, but Addy was driving a little doll car by on the rug and he all but attacked her. He got so excited and tried so hard to scoot after her. We got him his own little car and it immediately became the favorite toy. SO SO funny to watch the boy vs. girl dynamic!!
Some sweet 6 month shots I took.

 I LOVE when people ask how old my kids are. They always have underestimated my girls. They were so tiny no one ever thought they were as old as they were. But this makes me giggle when I say 6 months. People usually have to laugh and say, "oh my goodness!" He is big boy for sure, and his personality is just as big. He is the happiest and craziest boy ever! He is the crazy this family didn't know we needed!!! Love you my sweet Andy!!

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