Friday, August 14, 2015

Addy is 6 years old!

I just can't believe I blinked and this girl is 6.
My tiny little girl was 37 lbs and 41 inches at her well check. She officially fell off the charts in weight and is hanging about 5th percentile in height. She may be small, but the best things come in small packages! :) She wears size 10 shoes and mostly still 5T clothes.
This girl has a big heart. She is a people-pleaser and a teacher's pet. She is a leader and thinker. She is so creative and is very good at coming up with problem solving strategies to work through conflict.

Some things about Addy to remember from this year:
  • This girl is a rockin' big sister. She gets giggles from Andy like no one else can. Elli is always on her heels wanting to join in anything she does. She responds with so much love and patience. It melts my momma heart.
  • She is in a very chatty phase. Some days I just have to tell her that I need her to see if she can find something to do that doesn't require talking for just a few minutes. :)
  • She is a reader. She loves to read books and explore new words. She can read many very simple books and knows a whole list of sight words already.
  • The girl is not interested in numbers at all. Getting her to count past 30 is a challenge. She can count by 10 all the way to 100, but has trouble focusing enough to count by 1s. She can add all 1 digit numbers, but it is not something she enjoys much. :) (She get it from her mama!)
  • Addy has a big heart for learning about the bible. So much of her bible verses and stories are committed to her memory. I hope they always stay there. Her prayers are beginning to expand beyond her little world. I love her deep questions and the way she challenges me to put the bible truths into action.
  • Bradley and I are no longer able to talk over her head about anything. She can spell well enough that even the rare times we try to share a secret are gone. :)
  • This girl is the healthiest child ever. I hope I don't jinx anything but she hasn't seen a pediatrician for anything other than a well check since she was 3!! She gets an occasional seasonal cold, but not often!
  • Addy is still such a non-eater. She just requires very little food to keep her body going. She has a super high metabolism like her daddy.
  • She also runs on very little sleep. She is my early riser for sure.
  • This sweet girl has such an innocence about her. She always assumes the best of everyone.
  • She is a flower child at heart. I think she would love to live on a huge farm somewhere. She loves to be barefoot, hair down, and in a dress. She can get lost in flowers or sand piles.
  • She is my social girl. She loves to be involved in everything and is always trying to plan her next play date. :)
  • She started gymnastics this summer. I see a big difference in just a few short weeks. She loves it so much!
  • She is still very determined to be a missionary and has also added that she wants to be an American Ninja Warrior (also her favorite TV show right now!)
Most of all, this girl is the happiest, joyous gal you will ever meet. She is never in a bad mood. She has gotten so tough and resilient and just so so fun! Every year she gets older I say is my favorite, but really this year was! I love my Addy Rae!

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