Thursday, June 11, 2015

Last day of Wee School

So as weird as it seems, Addy graduated on Wednesday and then we had end of year parties on Thursday and officially ended Wee School!
 My girls and I had a crazy, stressful, lots of changes and transitions year at Wee School, but it was awesome! It was the first time Elli had ever been in a program and it was the first time I have been back to work since leaving the public school. Add on a surprise pregnancy and this year could have been a disaster! However, I work with some amazing people and they loved us like you wouldn't believe. They took my family in and offered so many prayers and support! I couldn't be more grateful for our year together at Wee School!
 Addy and her sweet teachers!
Elli and her sweet teachers! (I actually caught them on our work day the next day because I forgot to take the picture the day before!)

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