Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Elli's Program

Elli got to perform in her first ever program in April.
Each class was a different bug...and her Wee School class were the bumblebees! They sang "I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee." 

Precious doesn't even begin to describe this little class singing! Elli did all her motions and sang. I was so proud of my little introvert!

Elli had some of her biggest fans there to support her!
Like her #1...her daddy!
The girls and Bradley's parents!

She is totally a Papa's girl! The first thing she said after the performance was, "Papa watch me!!" She was so excited!

My dad couldn't get away from work so unfortunately he missed it. My mom came in to see her! 

 My Wee School class was also in the Program. We were the fireflies! It was so precious at the end every class got on stage. I had tears listening to all these sweet little voices singing Jesus loves me. There is nothing better!
I snagged a quick picture of my little bumblebee!

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