Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wee School Egg Hunt 2015

My sweet girls had their easter egg hunt at Wee School today.

This picture melts my heart because it captures the way Elli looks to Addy for everything. She looked at her and then instantly turned and smiled at me just the same. :)

Since Elli has a small class and they are very young they had their hunt on the playground. Funny enough you could tell that Elli has practiced hunting because as soon as they opened the door she took off running! She was so excited to get some eggs!

My sweet blue eye babe!

Addy's hunt was out in the field next to the playground.
 In order to make the hunt a little more challenging the eggs are labeled with a letter. Then they have to find all the eggs with their letter on it!

I have to share a proud moment. One of Addy's classmates was having a tough time and kept saying that she couldn't find any. Addy stopped looking for hers and walked over and said, "hey, I will help you find some with your letter!"

What a gorgeous girl!

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