Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Andrew is 1 Month

Yikes...just a little late! He is really almost two months already! Where is time going?

Andrew had an eventful first month with the hospital stay that lasted a week. He got out of the hospital just two days shy of one month.

Our little man at 1 month:
  • Our sweet little guy is a great eater and sleeper. He has concentrated all of his energy on growing apparently, because he zoomed right through newborn clothes and diapers.
  • He is sleeping three hours at a time mostly through the night. Prior to the hospital he would nurse and lay right back down... with a few exceptions.
  • One thing we learned about Andrew is he hates being swaddled tightly. He loves to have something over his arms, but a tight swaddle made for some sleepless nights until we discovered that was the problem. So funny!
  • He is very chill. In fact, Bradley and I are so scared we will forget about him! I am constantly checking to make sure the boy is breathing. I have never met such a quiet baby!
  • He is nursing right at every 3. Occasionally a little sooner.
  • He is a very lazy nurser. He has a terrible latch that we are working on, but he pretty much refuses to put any effort into eating.
  • Andrew celebrated his first holiday, Valentine's day at 5 days old and his first snow at two weeks old!
His sisters are so in love with their little brother! My heart is on overload most days and I cannot wait to watch Andrew grow and bond with the girls. We couldn't have imagined such a perfect addition to our family!

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  1. Good luck to the little boy for his life!
    Health and peace wishes him -
    Horst (from Germany)