Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter 2015

This year we had our Easter at my parents. On Saturday we went to hang out for the day. Since it was pretty weather and my aunt and uncle and cousins were in we made it our egg hunting day.

My kids all ready for some family fun!

There is something so funny about watching kids egg hunt. They will literally run past ten eggs to get the one that caught their eye! I just crack up!
Miss Maggie was having a blast with her egg!
Barrett was in serious competition mode!
This was their 'hurry and take the picture so we can open our eggs up' faces. :)

And even Andrew enjoyed the egg hunt. Through closed eyes, of course! :)
Then on Sunday, we got up and investigated the Easter Bunny loot and put on our best and headed to church to worship our risen Lord! I must say I had some seriously good looking people with me.

Little boys in boat still my heart!

Andy wasn't too happy about pictures.
My sister and I teamed up this year to have all the kids match. I envisioned these really adorable Easter pictures in their matching outfits...some that could be blown up and displayed above a mantel. Just perfect children. :)
But reality hit when we were wrestling two toddlers, a crawler and an infant. Lets just say that it was absolute chaos. Out of the millions of pictures....This was the best!! Haha! I still just love the memories. As you can tell, it was my three that were just not having the pictures! 
Then of course, we ditched the dresses and opted for a little more comfort! :) Sunday was such a laid back day just playing and visiting at my parents.

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