Monday, March 23, 2015

Andrew's Hospital stay

Our little Andrew had a scary stay at Cook Children's a few weeks ago. It was on February 27th that I was changing his diaper just as the snow started falling from the great Texas sky that I noticed his belly button was extremely red and inflamed. Bradley suggested I call the pediatrician's office and just see if the nurse would see us. We didn't figure it was a real big deal and that it would be an easy fix. As soon as she saw it she took us back to see the pedi. He took one look and I quote, "I don't want you to panic, but you need to head straight to Cook's. That is a very serious infection called omphalitis that less than 1% of babies get. It's serious."
It was already treacherous driving on the icy roads so I knew it would be a long day of getting someone to come get our girls and then getting to the ER at Cooks. I was right. It took Bradley's parents 3 hours to make the usual 45 minute drive. Thankfully, we made it fairly quick, taking back roads with no overpasses.
There is so much I want to remember so I am just using my facebook pictures and posts to summarize the hospital stay. 7 days...Friday to Friday. It felt like an eternity being away from Addy and Elli so long! Our parents were saints taking turns and keeping them busy. My mom did several days and nights by herself and the girls had such a special time with her!
Friday, February 27th:  
Our sweet Andrew is needing your prayers tonight! We noticed this morning his belly button was swollen and red. We took him to the pedi who said that he had omphalitis, which is a very rare, but possibly dangerous infection in infants. We were sent to Cooks where we spent all evening in the ER. We have finally been put in our room and after lots of testing and a spinal tap, it appears the infection is not anywhere else in his body, thankfully! We will be here until at least Monday, where he is getting IV fluids and antibiotics. This was definitely not how we anticipated spending this beautiful snow day, but we are grateful for safe travels of my inlaws who came and got the girls, as well as our trip to the hospital this afternoon!
Saturday, February 28th:
Andrew's sweet nature is keeping us sane! He has been such a little trooper through all the testing. We are currently waiting on the culture of the infection to come back to tell us what kind it is so that they can make sure they are treating him effectively. They are still saying it will be at least Monday before he gets to come home, but we are so grateful for all the amazing care we are receiving! We are so very touched by all of you that are praying our little guy through this! Thank you!!
Sunday, March 1st:
We got Andrew's culture back this morning. The omphalitis is caused by a staph infection. It is the strand of staph that is normally found in our bodies. There is no reason that his flared up and attacked his own little body. We are still not seeing any improvement like they wanted to, but we are switching up antibiotics this afternoon and are hopeful that will be what he needs to fight off this infection. Continue praying for all of us. We are doing good and getting great care, but I am missing my girls fiercely!!

These little visitors made my day!
Monday, March 2nd:
Last night was a bit rough for our sweet guy. After Andrew decided he was done with the IV in his arm and pulled it out, he had to have another put in. After 6 blown veins they were able to get one in! It was heartbreaking! Today he has rested much better. The doctor was still not too pleased with how slowly his belly button is healing. She ordered a sonogram to make sure their wasn't anything going on underneath. Thankfully, all came back ok and their was just inflamed tissue as expected. I will say, that just since lunch today Bradley and I can see a big improvement in the redness and swelling around his belly button. They continue to say a few more days here, but with any luck we will get to jailbreak soon! Thank you all for the continued prayers!!
Tuesday, March 3rd:
After talking directly with the doctor this morning, we have a better idea of what the ultrasound showed yesterday. The inflamed tissue was the Urachal tube. This is the tube that connects the bladder to the umbilical cord while in utero. Normally this tube shrivels up and is basically meaningless in our bodies after the cord is cut. For whatever reason, less than 1% of babies have complications from the tube. This is where the majority of the infection is for Andrew. His button is just the tip of the iceberg as the dr. put it. What we don't know right now is if there is still an opening from the bladder or not. Until the infection is gone and inflammation goes away, we will not know. Sadly, Andrew will not be going home for several more days. Friday is the earliest he will be released after completing 7 days of antibiotics by IV. A few weeks after the infection is gone we will meet with a surgeon who will perform a sinogram. They will inject dye into his bladder to see if the Urachal tube is still open. We hope it is closed, but if not they will have to remove it surgically. That would be worse case scenario. We are praying that Andrew would not require surgery and that we get rid of the infection quickly. Thank you for all who are helping us and checking on us. We are doing good, just leaning on you all to continue lifting us up to a powerful healing God! The girls have been in great hands between both Bradley's parents and my parents. They have some amazing grandparents that are working to keep life as normal as it can be for Addy and Elli!
I found this article that explains it a little more and is in line with what our doctor explained to us.

Hospital selfie!! I got to escape the hospital for a bit and pick the girls up from school. It was nice spending some time with them before they headed off for another slumber party with my parents. ‪#‎partyof5‬

Wednesday, March 4th:
Andrew is handing out fist bumps for an uneventful day!
The doctor was pleased with how the belly button is healing, I'm pleased his diaper rash is under control (antibiotics have been brutal!), and he's pleased with his fresh clean hair do! ‪#‎crazyhairdontcare‬
Thursday, March 5th:
 This afternoon my mom brought the girls up. Bradley and I decided to get out and spend a little special time with the girls while my mom sat with Andrew. Wouldn't you know as soon as we left that things would go nuts! The IV began setting off alarms. The IV team came in and determined that it was going bad, so they removed it. Because he was a hard stick, and they couldn't find any obvious veins, they decided to call anesthesia to do it. Thankfully before they did that they c...alled the doctor who decided that since the plan was to go home tomorrow that it was a bit extreme to put him under for a days worth of IV antibiotics! So he is currently wire free and going to start his oral antibiotic!! Please pray that he responds to those well and that nothing unforeseen happens so that we can get home tomorrow!! I'm grateful my mom was here to hold the fort down because it was so nice to get out for an hour!
Friday, March 6th:
Thank you all who have prayed us through this wild week!! We are all home under the same roof again and it feels so good! Andrew is on a week of antibiotics at home and then we go back for further testing. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed tonight, I'm just hoping Andrew feels the same!!
We left the hospital with an oral round of antibiotics for 7 days. By the time he finished that up the infection was gone and his belly button looked completely normal.
We then went back to the hospital on March 20th to have xrays to see if the hole in the bladder from the urachal tube was still open. Thankfully, after meeting with the surgeon we found out that it had and all was good!
We are so thankful to have this behind us and that our sweet boy is healthy once again!!

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  1. Oh my goodness - how scary! I have never heard of that & since I am not on Facebook, I had no clue what was going on. So grateful he is home & doing better.