Saturday, January 24, 2015

Weeks 28-35

Week 28
Week 35:
Wow....Did I fall off the wagon big time. I unfortunately didn't document the last 6 weeks of pregnancy. It was cold and the holiday season made getting outside before dark a challenge. However, with so few weeks left I am determined to finish out this pregnancy! Sadly, even though I didn't do a good job keeping up with things, there did seem to be a lot that changed in this time.
 I've mentioned before how big this boy is, but at my 34 week check up with my high risk doctor he actually weighed 6lbs. 9oz. That is what Elli's birth weight was! He was concerned about him being so large and told me that this boy is higher in percentiles than he ever likes to see a baby...even with gestational diabetes. He also said that I have high fluid and that is making me larger too. They are happy to see high fluid though, low fluid is often a side effect of the lupus.
Because of the size of this boy, my pelvic muscles are stretched to capacity as he put it. And boy do I feel it....there are some days that I literally can't hardly walk because of the pain in my hips and pelvis. My doctor said that there is really nothing they can do. In fact, he said a few patients get so bad they require a walker by the end of the pregnancy! Yikes! I literally have a penguin waddle walk because picking up one foot at a time is misery! But we only have a few weeks left!

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