Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wee School baby shower

I have been so blessed this year to be a part of the church preschool staff. I have made some great friends and they have all been an amazing support to me through this pregnancy!
My dear sweet friend Annick headed up this shower for me! It was precious! They used the woodland theme knowing I was kind of partial to it! :)
Baby Andrew was absolutely blessed! They were so generous!

My director's mother made this precious blanket that says, Jesus Loves Andrew all around it!

This was all the amazing things that Andrew got! I am so grateful for the sweet gifts for Andrew!

And these ladies knew me too well! A few of these pieces were from my sister or sis-in-law..but majority of it was from my Wee school ladies! I couldn't get enough of all the cute foxes!

My class also somehow managed to work together to pull this off for me! My assistant and room mom are too sneaky! :) My sweet precious kids were So excited to go through it all with me and talk about my sweet Andrew! I love a 3 year olds perspective of pregnancy! They keep me giggling for sure!

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