Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Addy at 5 1/2 Years!

Oh my dear first born child. I cannot believe how she has matured and grown just since her 5th birthday. I get so sentimental writing these post of my girls as they grow. Sitting down and focusing on their growth and change makes me realize just how quick they are growing up.
Addy is still a tiny little girl. She has grown several inches already since her 5th birthday! She weighs about 34 pounds and is in 5T clothing still. I have to say that this will probably be the last season of toddler clothes for Addy. She is still riding in a 5 point carseat, much to her dismay, but she isn't even legally big enough for a booster yet.  

Addy's personality is still all girl and prissy! As you can tell from these pictures she is quite the free spirit. She chose to wear her headband like it is, and I couldn't resist the boho chic look! :) She still loves to wear dresses all the time, no shoes, and hair down and wild. She really is a flower child! There is always, always a song on her lips and a smile on her face! This girl is so rarely in a bad mood. Without realizing it, Addy challenges me to find joy everyday.

Addy is the best big sister ever. She amazes me with the sacrifices she makes for Elli. They have their quarrels, but Addy almost always can make the situation right for them both. She is so giving and patient. She is a mother hen for sure, often herding Elli wherever she is supposed to be. She loves being the oldest and the special privileges that come with that also. Since Elli is not allowed on her top bunk without parental assistance, Addy uses that as her sanctuary when she needs some down time.  Addy also gets to stay up later than Elli and she loves that special time when she is the only one still up with Bradley and I.

Academically, Addy is a genius, of course! :) We made the decision back in the summer to hold her back. I have to say that it is the best decision we have ever, ever made. One of the reasons we chose to was to foster her imaginative playtime by being home one more year. It has been an amazing transformation that I have seen from her since school started in August. At that time she spent all day dressing up, playing babies, pretending to shop, etc. Seriously...that all about all her playtime had consisted of. If I gave you a day in the life of Addy involves mostly, writing, crafting, coloring, reading, playing board games, and doing word searches. She spends maybe an hour to two still in dress up world and still loves to play babies, but it isn't making up the majority of her day. She is able to spell word families by sounding out letters. She is constantly writing words or asking what a word spells...and then can recall it later. She is in love with word games and word searches. She is able to do single digit math both of addition and subtraction. She reads a calendar like a pro and marks off the day every night before bed. I don't sit and work with her, she picks things up as we chat through the day. She definitely got Bradley's memory retention.

My sweet Addy has a heart for the Lord. She challenges me often asking questions about bible stories that force me to go back and check my facts. Her memory retention is just as strong on the stories she's heard and she often remembers even the seemingly insignificant details! She keeps me on my toes with her deep questions on heaven and often marvels at how wonderful it will be. Her prayer life has begun to move beyond the simple prayers of thanking God for all the people around her to moving into a conversational type prayer. We have never used scripted prayers with her, but she, for the most part, used her same prayer every night. Now, she amazes me and sometimes makes me want to giggle to hear the dialogue she has with our great Lord.

We are so grateful for this sweet spirit. She forever has us cracking up or overthinking the answers to her deep questions. She is definitely the typical first born. She is an overachiever and loves to be in charge. I see great things out of this one. She is a logical thinker, an analyzer, a leader, and a decision maker. Watch out...or you may be working for her someday! :)

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