Monday, January 5, 2015

Erwin Christmas

We had a great Erwin Christmas this year! We met up on the 23rd to begin our festivities! It included a ton of eating and hanging around.
This year more of the Erwin clan joined us, which was especially fun. My dad's sister and family, brother and family, and his dad, Papa and Brenda came to share dinner with us!  
After dinner we had a family ornament exchange. It was fun to do something festive and different this year!  
These littles cozied in on the den couch to watch a movie while we played our games. As cute as they look, you can imagine it didn't last long! They were too excited to sit and watch a movie!


The next morning was present time!! The kids could hardly contain their excitement as we began tearing into packages.



My dad and his 'shocked' face that he got the exact drill he had asked for! :)
 Hannah's boyfriend, Nick, got Bradley and Scott a bb gun. It started as a joke when I told them Addy didn't need a pink one. I must say this may have been Bradley's favorite Christmas present this year!

We spent the afternoon playing around the house...
  I think some of us got a little tired of taking pictures...
 Barrett pulled the snowball shooter on me! :)
Aunt Liv & my girls!

 That afternoon we had the bright idea to get a cute kids Christmas picture! I don't know what we were thinking!
The girls were all into it and ready to go. But there was no convincing Barrett. We got some cute ones of the girls!

 Then of course about the time we convince Barrett to just sit down and take a few the girls were over it. Elli was done and Maggie wasn't a fan either anymore. So this was our best attempt. It obviously not the best shot but I love it! It shows the chaos that is having all four of these silly kids running around together!
My girls and Grandpa!

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