Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Eve Night

The best part about living close again to everyone is getting to be at our own house on Christmas morning. We got home from my parents after dinner and immediately got to work getting ready for Santa.
The girls went outside and sprinkled out their reindeer food we had made one night of our advent calendar.

Then we went back in to say goodbye to our elf, Alfred. My girls loved having him around so much and their goodbyes were quite heartfelt! Alfred has always left a note saying Santa allows a goodbye hug before he heads back to the North pole for the year. Elli wasn't too sure about touching him, but she got excited quickly and gave him a sweet hug! 
Addy has never taken Alfred up on his hug because she is always so worried about him losing his magic. This year she couldn't resist. It was hilarious watching her be so excited to say good bye!

Addy worked hard getting the fireplace screen open and the cookies and milk out for Santa.

Then they sat down to read the Night Before Christmas with Bradley.

They were ecstatic the next morning to check out all that Santa had left!  
The biggest hit for Elli was her new bike! One that we can actually take on walks now.

We then went in age order to open up gifts from each other. It was tough waiting for Addy as Elli meticulously pulled each piece of paper off.

And then Addy dove right in hers! She was super excited to get a '5 year old doll' instead of a baby doll! :)

Of course with all the baby action that goes on around here and the fact that they were soon moving into bunk beds of their own, Bradley built them a set for the dolls. I made the blankets and pillows. They have loved having their own doll space for naptime!

We loved every minute spent together, although it didn't last long! We quickly loaded up and got ready to head to another Christmas!

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