Thursday, January 1, 2015

Elliotte's Elmo Birthday Party

This year Elli's actual birthday was also her party day. So it was a very special day from the time she woke up!
Addy started a tradition last year for Elli's first birthday that she had to carry on this year. She and I go on a special shopping trip for her to buy Elli a present from just her. She thinks so hard about what she buys and it always is so fun! Then she picks her own bags and wraps it herself. When Elli gets up, it is the first thing she gets to open!
Addy got her several outfits with her favorite characters, of course! :)
And a bus!
We had Elli's party that morning at 10. I must say this was by far the most thrown together party I have ever done. Luckily, Elli isn't too big on being in the center of attention and sure doesn't notice the details!
We did find these awesome little juice boxes at Walmart and they were perfect!
We mostly served breakfast foods like donuts, muffins, and fruit.
I was shocked and surprised that during the birthday song this time she actually didn't cry. But she wasn't a fan of it either. She sat there, thumb in mouth, just stoic until it was over. There was no convincing her to blow out candles, but luckily she had a more than willing big sister. :)
Then we opened presents. She was very serious about this job and literally took forever on each gift. She pulled it off so carefully and purposefully.
I must say, this little girl was absolutely blessed immensely at her party! She was really overwhelmed at her party and showed zero emotion about anything, but she has been in heaven since with all her new toys!  Bradley and I couldn't believe how perfect every gift was for her! She's a lucky little girl!

Once the birthday girl finished opening all her gifts she chowed down on some cake and fruit and then promptly passed out in her Nana's arms. It was a busy morning for this sweet 2 year old!  
Once again, I did a terrible job at capturing any of our wonderful family and friends that came to show Elli so much love! I am thankful my sister in law grabbed my camera and snapped all these for me! Thank you all that came and celebrated with us!
I can't believe my little sweet Elliotte is 2!!!

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