Saturday, January 10, 2015

Elliotte at 2 Years Old

I just can't even believe I am writing this two year post. This little girl still just seems like she should be my tiny little Elliotte that never wanted to leave my side. She has grown and changed so much even in the last few weeks!
Her 2 year stats were:
23lbs 13ozs and 31.5 inches tall.

She is still a peanut. Our pediatrician doesn't care much for percentiles but from the glance I got at the chart she is about 10th in both. Perfectly proportional! :) She wears size 4 diapers, size 5-6 shoes and is wearing 18 months clothes.
Elli's well check ended up landing her extra doctor visits. Her iron came back anemic. We are on a daily dose of iron now for her. We will follow up in a few weeks to make sure that is addressing the deficiency and no further testing will be needed.
We also brought her eye to the doctor's attention. We have noticed that her left eye often doesn't focus and is turned in. Especially when she is tired. The pediatrician definitely noticed it doing that very thing during his visit with us and therefore referred us to an ophthalmologist.  We had that appointment on January 5th. I have to admit that I was a nervous wreck before the appointment. Not sure why, but I knew surgery may be a factor and it just really made me nervous. We went to see the amazing folks at Pediatric Eye Associates. We were absolutely awed at how great things were ran and how friendly every person is! They treated Elli with such care and were so patient will all of our concerns.
Elli definitely is farsighted. Her left eye is even worse so the muscles try to over correct, therefore pulling it into the center and making her look cross-eyed. In order to correct it they are putting Elli in glasses. We will reevaluate every few months. The doctor said that often when put in glasses this little her muscles may adjust and she wouldn't need glasses forever, or she may. And there is still the possibility that glasses won't address the issue and surgery will be required to fix her muscles. We are a little nervous about her wearing glasses and making that transition, but we are sure that she will adjust quickly!

Some things that definitely haven't changed about Sweet Elliotte:
  • She is still a crazy thumb sucker. She relies on it so much. In fact, she has given herself a pretty good blister from thumb sucking, yet it doesn't deter her at all.
  • She is still the master of the "Elli look." She shoots daggers with her eyes. It is quite comical still, but that look may not be so endearing as a teenager. :) It did come in very handy at the eye doctor because she doesn't even blink when she's giving the look!
  • Elli is still such a homebody. She gets really upset to have to get in the car and go somewhere. She is absolutely terrified of new people and gets overwhelmed in crowds so fast.
  • She is still absolutely in love with her big sister. She tries to mock everything Addy does and wants her to be playing beside her at all times.
  • She will still sit and watch TV all day if given the chance. She loves her 'shows' and gets a little hot when it is time to turn off the TV.
  • Elli cannot get enough snuggling. She wants to be held and squeezed on all day. She loves to be rocked, or have her face rubbed before nap or nighttime.

Some of the new things that Elliotte is up to:
  • She is sleeping in a big girl bed! The transition was so smooth. She loves her big bed and will go climb in it to play often throughout the day.
  • She is showing so much interest in potty training and has actually went potty a few times. I am purposely putting it off for now until Andrew arrives, but I have no doubts that she will be an easy one to train.
  • Elli knows all of our first names in our family. I am also often referred to as "mama Joni' now.
  • Elli can spell her name and tell us she's two. Her name spelling comes out sounding a bit like "E-I-I-I" :)
  • She is a book worm and puzzle queen. She will sit and do books and puzzles longer than I would ever expect to see a toddler sit still.
  • Elli is a grazer. She doesn't want to eat big meals but the girl acts like she is seriously starving all day long. She is a pretty good eater compared to her big sis! :)
  • Elli is finally gaining a little independence. At least in her most comfortable surroundings. She loves going to school and walks right in now. Seeing me through the day doesn't trigger meltdowns on most occasions. Even Sundays at church are so much easier. Even if she gets upset being left she is over it within seconds.

Elli is one of the most passionately fierce personalities I have ever witnessed in such a little package. She is a girl that knows what she wants and their is no persuading her. She can go from the most joyous and giggly girl to an earth ending meltdown faster than I can turn around. She is a lover and giving tight 'eezes' (squeezes) is one of her favorite things.
She is very strong willed and can be unbelievably stubborn. A friend often reminds me, when she is pushing me to the edge, that she will go places one day and be something great. No one tells her no. No one can tell her she can't do something, because she will spend every ounce of energy proving you wrong. I smile so big every time I happen upon the quote,
"Though she be but little, she is fierce."
I just feel like that was written for my sweet Elliotte. 
We sure love you sweet Elli! You bring so much joy to our lives!

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