Monday, December 29, 2014

Elli's school birthday

Since Elli's actual birthday was after we let out for the holidays she celebrated her birthday with her class at school a little early. She loves her teachers and her class, but anytime this girl is center of attention...things pretty much come crashing down!

This sweet girl was all smiles when she saw me come in from across the hall to her classroom. She is never phased by me being at school anymore, so she was pleased to see me!
As soon as the birthday hat went on, she could tell we were up to something though.

By the time her class started singing she was hysterical! Poor sweet Elli! She got so worked up she wouldn't even eat her birthday treats!

Since she was so worked up she was especially upset that I had to leave again.
Her teachers were able to calm her down pretty quickly and she had a good rest of the day!

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