Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Week 25, 26, & 27

Week 25: I had my appointment back with the high risk doctor today. All was well and sweet baby is indeed still a boy! ;) It was super quick. He is measuring big still!

Week 26: Back to my OB this week. The sonogram was an especially good one as he was really moving around and showing himself so clearly. We say him open his eyes and mouth. He was moving his hands around up by his face and wiggling his little toes for me to see too! Sweet boy! He is measuring HUGE!! 92% to be exact! He weighed approximately 2.5 pounds already! What a chunk!

Week 27: This week's appointment included my glucose test. There really is no flavor I can't stand more than orange. Yet all three kids and that was the only flavor my doctor has had. Choking that stuff down is awful! Hopefully all is well and I don't have to mess with it anymore! My sonogram was good. Baby boy was super amped up from all the sugar I had just downed but he cooperated and all was well!

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