Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We had Thanksgiving at the Erwin side this year. It was a fun and relaxing day catching up with each other.

My sisters and I
The Erwin girls! Our dad and Rachel and Natalie's dad are the two boys in the Erwin family. We all grew up down near Austin (they still live there) so we are very close. Liv and I spent many crazy times trying to babysit these younger three or just keeping them out of trouble. :) It was just too much fun catching up with them! Now that we are older it seems much more rare that we are all together.

There is never a dull moment. As tradition has it anytime we are playing a game of cards or dominos there is a 'winner' hat and a 'loser' hat. I'll let you guess which is which! Ha!
Uncle Mark, my dad's brother and his newest pal, Pheobe. The men enjoyed their usual afternoon of Football mixed with napping! :)
And the patriarch of the family. My Papa Erwin. It was so nice to have him there. Kids are just drawn to his silliness. Maggie loved crawling over to him and pulling up.
The other 'big' kids had a wild day themselves.
My Elli girl heading into Granny and Grandpa's playhouse under the stairs.

Barrett and Addy made an afternoon of seeing if they could drag every toy out of the upstairs. I must say they managed the biggest mess...but they had so stinking much fun together.
And this year to add to the craziness we had these three pups running around. Daisy is the  Teacup Yorkee. Even though she is the tiniest, she was the old lady of the group. She belongs to Rachel and Natalie. Then Millie in the middle. She was the obnoxious toddler this year. :) And Phoebe, the hostess. My sister Hannah bought Phoebe a few years ago, but she has become my parents dog, pretty much. The kids loved chasing dogs and the dogs loved wrestling around. It made things a little more wild, but hilarious too!

 Of course there was eating. Tons of eating...all day long. The head chef... my mom! She cooked all day and it was as delicious as it always is!  

This was my contribution! This poor turkey is not nearly as cute as the pinterest-worthy ones. He became the butt of many jokes that day, but the kids loved eating him up!!

We ended up spending the night even though we had no intentions of it. We played dominoes until midnight and so we just crashed there. The next morning the girls enjoyed a Grandpa made breakfast and a little quality time with Granny and Grandpa before we headed home!

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