Friday, November 7, 2014

22, 23, and 24 Weeks

Bad hair days all around!!
Week 22: This week was a rough one. I had an episode at work on Thursday. Everyone seemed to be calm and handled me so well. It was a long one... about 40 minutes I think, so they called Bradley. I was able to snap out of it pretty quickly afterwards. I am thankful for a team that jumped in and made sure the kids morning stayed steady and they had no clue why I left for a little bit. :)

I also had a high risk appointment this week. It was my first appointment to go see them this pregnancy. He was not okay with me having an episode and was adamant that I start being seen every week from here on out. I am disappointed to have to do that. As I told Bradley, it is easy for me to get annoyed because for me, my pregnancies have all been pretty drama free. However, I am trying to remain thankful for their vigilance...because I know they have seen much worse things happen and I know they are giving me the care they feel I need.

Baby boy is still measuring about a week ahead, which they are very happy with. Everything is looking good as far as his development and growth. He now weighs 1 pound 3 ounces.

This is the worst picture to win some, you lose some.
Week 23: Thankfully uneventful. No doctors appointment either. I am still feeling the never ending movement from little man and can tell he is still breech.

 Nope...just kidding. This is the worst picture to date. Time change is killing me!! And Elli was not even a little bit ok with this week picture. This is the only shot she is even looking at the camera. (**Bonus points: Can you spot the furry leg? I promise it isn't mine!!:) **)
Week 24: I am exhausted. I feel that I am getting adequate amount of sleep but I am so stinking exhausted I feel like I can't make it through the day. I hit this wall about this same time every pregnancy and the first two times its been due to anemia. I went ahead and started a dose of iron each day, but I am sure at my next blood test he will put me on the prescription dose again.
I had an appointment with my OB this week. It was an interesting appointment all right. The sono tech has become my new bff and we always just chat. So she asked me (as she will every single time just to cover herself) if I already knew the gender. I said yes. She replies, "Ok, and I told you girl, right?" I busted out laughing and said, "Noo way...." She looked and looked and could not tell for sure. She said that she wasn't going to change her mind on my charge because it wasn't perfectly clear and baby wouldn't show off at all...but if she had to make a call today it would be girl. However, we have already had four other appointments that without a doubt showed a little man! I feel certain we will get the same news again at my next appointment! It sure shook things up some though! We did get lots of profile shots which he hasn't been interested in sharing with us! :)
All is well and baby is measuring a week ahead still! He is a mover and even through the sono he would not be still. They pretty much had to chase him down the whole time!  My doctor did tell me it was time to start every week appointments. I set my OB appointments through the end of the year. I am really hoping the holidays make the next few weeks fly because I feel like time has stopped in regards to the pregnancy.

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