Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

This years costumes were my absolute favorites!! We were a family of woodland creatures!

Since I had to work the Fall Festival as a part of my Wee school duties, I didn't fully dress up, but I still sported my moose hat!
Bradley wore his suit to work that day so he was all decked out for the Festival also! :)

Addy really wanted to be a princess again this year but I pulled a mean mom and told her this year we were doing something different. She has been a princess the last two years, so we were thinking outside the box this year! ;)

 Addy's raccoon hat was from the church Christmas program last year. I had the same lady from church make us our hats and they could not have been more perfect!!
After a little photo shoot we headed up to church.

 Addy and Landri.
They were less than impressed that I stopped them on their way to the bounce house to take a picture!

Even Elli got into the games this year. She was really unsure about all this dressing up but once she saw that everyone else was, she owned it and loved it! She wore her hat longer than anyone else!

It was a fun year! We finished Halloween night out at Chick fila with two of our favorite families laughing and chatting while the kids wore themselves completely out in the playplace! Such a great night!

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