Friday, October 10, 2014

A tough reminder...

This past weekend was a tough one. We received a devastating call on October 1st that one of Bradley's cousins was killed in a car accident. He was 34 years old with three children. It's those tough moments that give us a hard reminder that our time here on Earth is not a guarantee.  It was a beautiful funeral. Though I hadn't gotten to know Jeffrey really well, it was all too obvious that he was so loved by his family and community. He was from a small West Texas town, Rotan, where Bradley's family all comes from. Crews of firefighters and paramedics came and lead the processional since he had worked with so many of them. At the burial, the fire truck did a 'firefighter's last call.' I have to say it was one of the most emotional things I have ever listened to.
I am so thankful that Jeffrey knew the Lord. I am so thankful to be a part of an extended family that can rejoice in their sorrow because they know that this life is temporary and their is a Savior that has died so that we may live with him for eternity.
Although it never seems fair that it sometimes takes a death to draw everyone together, it was so nice to see all the Anderle family. We enjoyed a delicious meal after the services and were able to catch up. I love that no matter how long its been, the Anderle's are the tightest family ever. They all keep up with each other and never miss out on important moments.
A few pics I snapped after the luncheon.

Since Bradley's mom's mom (catch that?) also lives just a country town over in Roby we stayed with her for the weekend. It was fun being at her house with all 5 of Bradley's brothers and their kids.

The 5 boys and their dad.

The 5 8 years. I still can't imagine how their mama survived these crazies! :)
All the grandkids! There are 7 boys and 3 girls! Of course, this crew is still growing! Those Anderle genes are strong! I feel like this could be a test for someone trying to figure out which kids go where! :)

And then some of the grandkids with Grandmama. This is Bradley's grandmother, so the great-grandmother of these kids! She is an amazing lady that we just adore! She is also the lady that Elli gets her middle name from! :)

 Millie was photobombing these pics!

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