Friday, October 17, 2014

19, 20, and 21 Weeks

Week 19: I had my doctors appointment this week and all was well again. It was the anatomy scan this week where they verified that he was still a boy! :) My doctor went ahead and referred me over to the high risk doctor to see them. They can really check the blood flow to make sure all looks well. I will go to them in three weeks. I am loving how spaced out these appointments are this time! SO nice!
Week 20: I am feeling pretty good. Still dealing with too much morning sickness, but then I feel fine the rest of the day. Little man has begun to really pick up his martial arts. I can already tell he is a lot more like Addy than Elli in the womb. He is a constant mover even when its not hard, he is always rolling and moving.
Week 21: Still doing about the same. Random mornings of horrible sickness, but overall feeling good. This kid is a mover. Like he never stops! :) He must have gotten his daddy's metabolism like Addy. This pregnancy is chugging right along!

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