Monday, September 29, 2014

Weeks 16, 17, & 18

Week 16: I feel like I am finally starting to feel relief from the nausea. Food is starting to sound a little better. I still haven't gained a single pound this far, but that's ok since I started heavier than I did with the other two! I can rarely feel a baby moving about in a little ball, but I haven't felt any obvious kicks.
Week 17: This was of course an overly exciting week We found out at my doctors appointment that it was a sweet boy! Such a shock!! Not much else happened at the appointment, except finding out that this kid is going to be astronomically expensive. Each kid has more than doubled in $$$! So ridiculous! I am feeling much better in the mornings with the occasional morning puke session! :) I have just started to feel little kicks if I am laying down still.

Week 18: This week has brought lots of changes. I have began contracting. I am sure they are Braxton hicks, but that combined with intense pressure already have me on and off concerned. I am sure it is nothing, but occasionally it gets pretty rough. I have a doctors appointment in just a few days and am looking forward to the peace of mind! :)

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