Saturday, October 25, 2014

Baby Name Reveal!

Baby number three's name will be Andrew Erwin Anderle.
This is actually the name that we picked out when we were pregnant with Addy and have just kept it each time. I can't believe we are finally going to have an Andrew!  

 Andrew is Bradley's middle name. It has always been a favorite of his that he has wanted to use. I have to admit that traditional names are not usually my this one has had to grow on me. But over the last 5 years, it has. :) It is hard being a teacher because I have so many name associations. However, the minute I see this little guy's face I am sure we I won't have any problems with that! And hearing the girls say Andrew is enough to melt me every.single.time!
Erwin is my maiden name. My dad had one other brother and between the two of them there are 5 girls and no boys! So once we are all married the Erwin name on my grandfathers side dies out. I just love that Andrew will carry the name. All of my kids have generational middle names and I think that is so special.

We have had a few people say, are you really naming your child Andrew Anderle??? :) Yes, we are! Bradley's family is overrun with 'A' names and they all flow so well. We are still debating whether or not there will be a nickname. Bradley wants to call him Andrew, but you know how I love my nicknames! :) I am sure we may use Andy eventually, but it just hasn't stuck yet. It goes with Addy and Elli so well. For now...we are using Andrew!
And I have to add: All poses that Addy are striking were 100% her own. She was cracking me up! Bradley even told her to stand normal at one point, but she just couldn't help herself!

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