Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer 2014 Week 7

This week I definitely didn't adhere to our weekly schedule. It was an off week since I was feeling pretty sick and we just squeezed in a little fun wherever we could!
 Make it Monday: Addy got a really neat jewelry box for her birthday that she got to bedazzle herself! It was the perfect thing to pull out on Monday. Elli had fun making a mess! :) She loves these pompoms and will play with them in all kinds of ways!

Tuesday we didn't check anything off our bucket list but we spent most of the day hanging out in the backyard playing. We were very thankful for the mild weather we got to enjoy!  We did have an afternoon play date at a friends and got to do some swimming in their pool!
Wednesday evening Addy and I went on a date together. I have been trying to get back to running and Addy always loves going with me so we set off to do a little workout first. She picked out both of these hair bands and showed me how to put them on. I love this little hippie girl!

 After our jog we hopped in the car and headed to Sonic. This girl loves her a good lemonade. She only ever gets to get a large on special occasions so she was loving this treat! We chatted about her growing up, school coming up, her future husband and her thoughts on marriage and family. I love her sweet innocence, as well as her deep analysis of situations.  It was an absolute treasure to spend some much needed one on one time together!

Thursday we had lots of errands to run and had lots more fun playing outside!
Friday we had a play date with some fun friends! I didn't capture any pictures of our friends Phillip and Sophia, but we had a great time! We were treated to some amazing cinnamon rolls that my friend Kelsey made...from scratch!! They have We walked over to their neighborhood park where the girls had a great time! This picture of Elli cracks me up! She has such a tough girl look.

Friday night we were invited to some friends house for dinner. This sweet family has a preschooler Addy's age, as do the Reynolds, so we have gotten to know each other better through them. Charlie also happens to be the music minister at church. It was an absolute great time visiting and the girls had a blast playing with all these friends! They slowed down just long enough for dessert and were back to playing! These are the big kids. We had 4 little ones that weren't in the picture!
Saturday morning we had a birthday party for one of Addy's oldest friends, John Lofton. They have been friends since just after their first birthday. Both families left Lubbock and relocated in the DFW area for our husbands' jobs within 3 months of each other. Now we live just a few miles apart again! It was so fun getting wet and being a part of JL's day!

 Sunday morning before church the girls decided to watch cartoons in a tub I had out from sorting clothes. These two have so much fun coming up with random ideas.

Elli is such a copy cat. When she noticed Addy crossing her arms...she had to do the same!

My parents came to dinner on Sunday night since they were making a delivery. This time they also came bearing gifts. Addy got this Rapunzel hair piece that she LOVES! It is definitely her new dress up favorite!

As I said this was a random week and this post is mostly just a picture dump! :) We still had a lot of fun and are so thankful for friends and family
 that make these summer days unforgettable!

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