Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Weeks 10, 11, and 12

Week 10: Week ten was uneventful. No doctor visit and still feeling really yuck. Morning sickness seemed to actually pick up this week which was awful, but I seemed to have a little more energy. Life is a trade off I suppose! :)

Week 11: I had a dr. appt and all is well. We saw the little peanut on the sonogram again and the baby is still measuring right on track and everything looks perfect and healthy. I didn't have to do blood or anything but I actually got to hear the heartbeat on a Doppler. Since they check the heart every time on the sono I often don't get to hear it. It was sweet to hear that fast little beating heart.

Week 12: Hallelujah! I am so happy to be done with the first trimester! I am feeling much more like myself and am slowly getting sick less and less. I haven't thrown up all week so I will take it!

The shots are getting down right unbearable. My belly is pretty much a line of bruises. It isn't getting to heal before it is time to do another so they bruises seem to be much sorer this time. Every little bump against my stomach makes me want to cry. The actual stick has gotten really painful too. I think it is just because we are literally sticking a bruise over and over each time. :( I am hoping as my belly stretches it will be little more numb to the shots and bruises.

If you haven't noticed...Elli is really embracing this board picture business. She is hilarious and wants to hold the board by herself. Addy is just appeasing one of her mama's crazy wishes! Sweet girl is a patient one! :)

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