Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer 2014 Week 6

Another fun week for the Anderle house!

Make it Monday- Playdoh for hours! Addy got so much new fun playdoh stuff for her birthday that she played with it all day long! Elli was in the middle of it too!


Bucket list Tuesday- This was the most exciting bucket list item to Addy... go to a new park! She loves parks and has been asking when we were going to go to one she had never been to! Parr park in Grapevine did not disappoint at all! It was half splash pad and half playground! We went with some great friends, brought a picnic and made a day! It was such a blast!

Wet Wednesday- We were having a rough day and I had a drs. appt that morning so rather than go anywhere we got wet right at home! The girls had fun 'painting.'
Addy's Fox painting :)

Thinking Thursday- Addy got this awesome storybook maker for her birthday and so we began working on it on Thurdsay. It was really fun to listen to her come up with her story. I would write the words as she dictated and she did all the illustrating. We aren't finished yet, but it is coming right along. We also went to the library and got new books that afternoon.

Friend Friday- Addy got to have a special shopping trip with her aunt Hannah Mae. They went to Target and Hannah spoiled Addy rotten with tons of loot to bring home! They topped their afternoon off with a lunch date to chick fil a!

And while Hannah and Addy were out I got to spend some special one on one time with this nugget running errands! Its been a while since we have had a date and we had a lot of fun playing together!

Then we went and spent the afternoon with Nana and Papa. They had two cousins with them, Brody and Cooper. The girls played themselves to exhaustion!!
What a fun filled great week!

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  1. Very nice children, I like such little humans ...
    Greetings from Old Germany,