Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Week 6, 7,8 & 9

Week 6: I had my first doctors visit right at 6 weeks. I was reacquainted with my nurse and brought right into the sonogram room. We immediately were able to see the tiny flicker of the heartbeat beating at 150, and the baby measured right on time. I, of course, had to give a dozen viles of blood and then I got to see my doctor. I think he was as shocked to see as I was to be there. :) We immediately began talking about the health risk. He wanted me to start shots right away.
I got a call later in the week to let me know that my clotting factors were very elevated and my progesterone too low. I started prog. pills and was to be back in a week.
The only symptoms I had this whole week was starvation. I ate so much food...and it was all the junk kind! :)

Week 7: I had another sonogram. The baby was perfect again, heartbeat at 158. I then gave more blood to run more tests to make sure that the clotting factors were my 'normal' issues and not something else that has come up. After visiting with my doctor he had visited with my high risks doctors all who felt that the shots were imperative. He informed me that I am one of the highest risk patients he sees. That was comforting! Ha! I know that my issues could quickly turn life threatening, but so far the Lord has watched over every single aspect and protected me from any further problems.
This time around I will be doing a different medicine in the shots due to insurance. The good news is its about a fourth the price, the bad news is I now have to do it twice a day. I am really not happy about that part, but I know it could be so much worse!
I have gone from starving to being unable to handle food. Sickness has set in and I am really hoping it disappears soon! I am so exhausted, lethargic and achy. I am really hoping it disappears with the first trimester and isn't my lupus rearing its ugly head.

Week 8: I did not have a doctors appointment this week, which was so nice! I got a call from my nurse and the second round of blood tests were much closer to normal. What a relief! I still haven't actually picked up with the shots and gotten started on them yet...but geez I am dreading those needles!

I have been extremely nauseous and swearing off food. Unless its pickles, chips, or ice cream...those don't seem to bother me! :)
Week 9: Another appointment and all is well! The baby is still measuring perfectly. Bradley went to this appt. with me for the first time this go-round and it was fun because it was the first one we got to see some movement from our little gummy bear. My doctor has decided that we will continue every other week appt. as long as there is no worry...and I am ecstatic about that!
This week began the much dreaded shots for me. I must say, the first one was the worst, and beyond that one it hasn't been too bad. The bruising is about the same as last time, but now doing this twice a day I am accumulating them way quicker. My stomach looks horrible already and its been a week! Yikes! Thankfully, my nausea is subsiding. I am still pretty yucky feeling in the mornings. Exhaustion is still out of control. I am very wore out all day. I seem to do ok until about lunch and then I just about crash. If it weren't for naptime I wouldn't be functioning by dinner time! :)
My lupus is definitely becoming an issue. After being pretty much non-existent since Elli this pregnancy has kicked it back into gear. I have already had one episode and my joints are killing me. My lupus rash has broke out really bad, but oddly enough, rather than my face this time its spreading on my neck and shoulders. I am beginning to wonder how much exhaustion is lupus and how much is first trimester, but I am hoping the next few weeks will confirm that is it just the latter!

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