Monday, July 28, 2014

Addy's Puppy Party!

According to Addy, her puppy party was her most favorite ever! :) I have to admit that it was the most laid back in terms of prep work for me. I also have to say that it is the worst I have ever done taking pictures! I ran around after the party trying to get pictures of anything still standing, but I barely even got any of our guests! Such a bummer!!
The invites we made to send out!
But I have to confess that Bradley did just as much, or more work for this party than I did! He and his dad created this awesome dog house entrance!
Bradley also created this dog house that held at least 5 or 6 kids piled in! It was quite a hit...and my girls played in it even after the party!
Since Addy is getting older we are finding that the guest list grows for her parties! This year we were combining groups from church, preschool, and family! It was a large turnout with over 20 kids running around! I knew my house couldn't handle that kind of energy so we rented our first bounce house! I have to say that it was a hit and something we will have to do again! This was another huge labor of love for Bradley! In order to avoid delivery fees, he and his dad went and got it and put it up. He took it down and loaded it on his own with a pathetic attempt at help from me!:)
I did still do a food table with some fun puppy touches!
The cupcakes had dog bones on them.
Each child had a dog bone cup with their name on it for the drink as well as a favor to take with them!
And when they left they got to also take some puppy chow with them!
After some jumping in the bounce house we had everyone line up and take a whack at the pinata! 

After that everyone got to be blindfolded and try to put the bone in the dog's mouth! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of this game. I do have to brag on Bradley's artistic side. He freehanded this for me after I had given up on it! I do take credit for the coloring! :)
Then Addy got to open gifts. She was one lucky little girl! We felt so spoiled by all the amazing gifts she was given! Thank you all so much!

Then we did the cake!

These are just a few candids that were caught through the day!
My Elli and I!

These two nuggets were hilarious...they stood on this chair devouring chips for the longest!

Aunt Liv and cousin Maggie with Elli!

Corbin got himself up there and just sat looking so proud of his accomplishment!
Addy and two sweet friends from her preschool class!
And this picture is just too hilarious to not include!! This kid clearly forgot she is only turning 5! I don't know where she learned this pose, but I am pretty sure she will die of laughter and embarrassment of this picture one day! :)

Thank you all for celebrating with us! We feel so honored to have so many friends and family that spent their day with our sweet little 5 year old!!

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