Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Elliotte at 18 Months

I am actually an entire month off but I wanted to wait until we got her stats from the doctor.
Weight: 22 pounds
Height: 31 Inches
She is still such a peanut! She just moved into size 4 diapers and is wearing 12 month clothing still. She is much smaller than Addy ever was and I often get looked at like I'm crazy when people ask how old she is. :)
Sweet Elliotte has changed so much in such a short time! She has been completely non verbal up until a few weeks ago and has just blown us away with all the words she now uses. She clearly is on her own time schedule and cannot be convinced to do something until she is ready! She now uses mama, dada, sissy (Shishy), shoes, ball, Rudy (her fox), cheese, please, and snack. She will try to say any word that we ask her to. We are really working on saying the word NO right now. I know it seems crazy because so many parents get sick of hearing their toddler say it...but Elli needs to learn it quick! She is aggressive little thing and so her reaction right now is to slap whoever is trying to take something or is doing something she doesn't like (and I have to say, this girl can pack a punch!). So we are working on using words and saying no rather than resorting to hitting.
On that note, time outs for our littlest lady have begun. She really is a firecracker. Most of the time it is for hitting or punching. Although she usually shows no emotion while in timeout for her minute, she is quick right her wrong as soon as she is done. So far it has worked 100% and I really hope that streak continues. We don't use timeout very often, she's only needed it maybe 4 times so far, because we use it as a last resort for major offenses.
Our usual method of getting around her stubbornness is the craziest thing I ever heard. I actually read this on a pinterest article and thought, why not give it a try. When Elli is trying to take a toy, or refusing to get in the car or put shoes on, (you know, usual fights) I just get down on her level, tell her to look at me and firmly, but plainly tell her what she needs to do. For instance, (once she's looking at me) I say, "Elli we are getting in the car to go bye-bye." The crazy part is the next phrase. "Say, yes mama." She obviously can't say the whole sentence but she babbles it and then will almost always do whatever it is that I asked her to do. I don't know why that simple phrase makes her feel in control and like its all the sudden a good idea..but it has worked like a charm!
Elli is still a mommy's girl completely. She is usually attached to my hip anytime we are out and about. I must say that I am quite the enabler and kind of love that she needs me so much. She needs so much affection and physical touch. She is very snuggly. Tantrums can still often be fixed with some firm cuddling. She can be so upset and picking her up often is like watching ice cream melt. She just nuzzles in and calms down.
She is getting so much better about being away from me. Church has become hardly a fight and if left with good friends or family she is pretty smooth about drop offs now. She loves to play hard to get.

She has also became a daddy's girl! She is just smitten with him and when he gets home from work she cannot run to him quick enough!
Other things about Elli that I don't want to forget:
  • Every single time Addy goes in the bathroom and closes the door Elli stands there and knocks until she gets done.
  • She loves to read. She will literally abuse you with a book until you stop and read to her.
  • She has begun singing...namely the opening song to Frozen.
  • She is obsessed with TV. Its bizarre how long she will sit and watch it.
  • She is a climber. If only she was a little taller...I'd be in serious trouble!
  • She will try anything Addy does. Her dare devil side scares me.
  • She hates clothes and shoes. She prefers to be completely nude...even sans diaper.
  • She can still give a look that kills, but has also started the side eye and hard blinking when she disapproves of you talking to her.
  • Girl can refuse sleep like I have never witnessed. She will still wake up and try to have a midnight party occasionally. Getting her to go to sleep is unbelievably painful.
  • She dances to the Disney junior songs and it will make your day to see!
  • She has the most contagious giggle I have ever heard! (I'm biased of course!)
  • Her scream sounds like she is off a horror movie. She literally makes us cringe.
My sweet Elli. She is the silliest little girl that can go from being such a mess to so intense faster than I can blink. I love how expressive she is and I undoubtly love her stubborn will. She is feisty and sweet. My own little sour patch kid! We wouldn't trade her for all the world and can't wait to see how she continues to grow and change! What a joyful challenge it has been raising her this far!
Though she be but little, she is fierce. :) 

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