Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer 2014 Week 5

Make it Monday: We made playdoh from Koolaid. It was pretty much a failure I must say, but it was still pretty fun. They girls didn't seem to mind how crumbly it was...and we checked that one off the bucketlist!



Bucket List Tuesday: I must admit that we were busy running errands on Tuesday and didn't do anything additional off the bucket list. Therefore, we counted the playdoh twice! Ha!

Wet Wednesday: Our sweet neighbor has been offering her pool to us all summer and we finally took her up on it. The girls loved having our own private pool party!


Thinking Thursday: It just so happened that Bradley was in court in Saginaw on Thursday. We decided to stop by on our way to the library. I think this was really good for Addy to finally see and understand what it means when we always talk about Bradley having court. Then we headed to the library to check out books!

Friend Friday: We had a birthday party for Addison's little brother,  Austin. I didn't take any other pictures but Addy was certainly excited to meet up with these two chicks!

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