Friday, July 18, 2014

Addy Rae is 5!

My sweet Addy Rae! 5 years doesn't seem possible!
I can't believe she is 5! She had her well check Thursday and these are the stats:
Height: 39 inches
Weight: 33 pounds
Bradley and I decided that 5 years old did bring lots of changes and so we decided this would be our kids first 'milestone' birthdays. We picked out the years that we felt we wanted to celebrate in a huge way and start some traditions for our kids.
A few of the traditions that come with the fifth birthday for our kids:
  • A new full print bible that would take them into their early teen years.
  • A picture session in my wedding dress.
  • A big bucket list wish fulfilled (Addy's puppy)
  • A trip somewhere in an airplane! (Padre trip)
With this birthday also comes new responsibilities:
  • Addy will start getting up to her own alarm clock when school starts.
  • Addy will start getting an allowance and be expected to handle her money with guidance. We will expect her to save, tithe, and spend wisely.
  • Chore expectations will shift slightly and will be increased as a puppy will add a lot of responsibilities for her!

 This sweet girl is just growing and changing so much. I have told a lot of people lately that I never want her to have another birthday! I LOVE her age right now. She is self sufficient and loves to take care of things, but is so sweet and innocent. She is very inquisitive and is always trying to understand that world around her.

Addy has really began to take an interest in appearance. She wants to do all her own outfit picking and hair-doing. And usually by hair-do...I mean nothing done with her hair! :P On those days that her and Elli are matching? That is usually because Addy will wait until I dress Elli and then get her matching outfit on, or request that I dress Elli to match her.

But Addy isn't too ever to cool to join in a little fun! This girl loves to be goofy and have a blast. She really loves to wrestle and be way to hyper. She loves to play outside right now and loves to dig in the dirt and 'plant her garden.' She has an imagination that is endless. She plays in a pretend world for hours, often by herself if she is without a playmate. She is still completely obsessed with dolls and princesses.
Addy amazes me with how great of a big sister she is! She is so nurturing and caring with Elli. I joke that she is raising Elli for me. She teaches her new tasks everyday. She loves to play with her and always tries to cheer her up if Elli is having a rough day. She loves to be the first to go in Elli's room and tell her good morning. The age difference of these two girls has been amazing. Their bond is unbelievable!

Addy has a teaching heart and loves to help others master tasks. She is a strong, independent girl. I see some great leader qualities in her. She is assertive and often bossy, but not pushy or aggressive. She is very much a rule player, but is creative beyond boundaries. Several of her leaders and teachers have commented on how stoic she is. While this isn't a quality I would say she has possessed for long, she has become very much able to put her emotions aside and deal with tough situations. She is a free spirit and an adventurer at heart. She needs to be able to do things on her own time but she is very sure of herself when she decides its  that time. I love her self confidence.
To our happy, happy, girl. You will never know how much you changed the course of our life...we will never know ourselves. We are eternally thankful God sent you to these young newlyweds five years ago! You have blessed our lives and so many others already with your fiery spirit and yearn for knowledge. God has big plans for you kiddo and we can't wait to see you continue this journey !
Love, Mommy and Daddy.


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