Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer 2014 Week One

This past week was what I deemed as the first week of summer around this Anderle house! The first few weeks of summer break I had been pretty sick and it was just survival mode around here!

I am already loving summer! I have vowed to myself that I will not let busy schedules get to us this summer. I am so guilty of over committing and feeling so guilty when I don't say yes to everyone and everything! I am really going to focus on our family of 4 this summer and slowing down to take time to live joyously! There will still be tons of family and friends included in our summer, but I am giving myself a pass to not feel bad when I say no to others! :)

We fell into a beautiful routine already. Mornings consist of lots of outside time and tons of reading and pretending!  

We go on a walk usually every morning. Sometimes it involves bikes and sometimes it is just these two leading the way.

...and if they want to stop and pick flowers (read: weeds) for the eight hundredth time, we do.

These two both love to read. I love that Addy has started trying to read to Elli.
And playdoh is always a hit!
Then we have lunch around 11 and both girls are laying down by noon. Elli has finally gotten down to one nap a day. Its been a brutal process getting her there, but its working out great! She sleeps for almost 2 hours most days. Addy doesn't nap anymore hardly ever. She usually gets to put in a movie  and rest on the couch. This is my sanity time! :)
Then after nap and snack we get to dive into our new weekly schedule:
This may be baking something, crafting, and tons of other projects we have planned, but this week it was MUD PIES!!! I am really feeling challenged to show my girls that being dainty and prissy isn't always the way it has to be! They enjoyed this more than I thought they would!

That look! She does not take kindly to me interrupting for a quick picture!

This will be a day dedicated to doing some of our bucket list items! This week we got to cross off kite flying!!

Apparently, kite flying is not a skill I have so it was a lot of Addy running and the kite trailing. She didn't care and had a blast! We been out for more kite flying this week already!

We visited the Saginaw aquatic center for the first trip of the summer! Addy was so excited and jumped right in, having a blast! Elli wasn't so sure, but she really wanted to dive in...but the noise and splashing made her apprehensive!

I don't have any pictures of this but we went to story time at the library and official signed up for the Reading log challenge!
Fridays will be our day dedicated to play dates and friends! I am going to incorporate lots of bucket list ideas on Fridays that involve going to new places, because it's always more fun with friends!
This week was the Stockyards. We visited the petting zoo first...which was a major disaster! Apparently camels and goats are on the scariest creature list for both of my kids! ;)
But they enjoyed the longhorn cattle drive much more!

It was the best week ever! I had so much fun with my girls! It was so nice to take time and just be with them! Of course, I had to take pictures of it all, but then I put away the phone and camera and just soaked in every minute with them! I must admit I was hesitant to dig into that mud with them...but at their request I swallowed my own prissiness and got dirty! It was a blast and made me so nostalgic! I can't wait to share the rest of the summer with my girls!!

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