Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer 2014 Week 2- South Padre

Thanks to Bradley's amazing firm we got to make his yearly city attorney conference a family vacation! We headed out Tuesday morning for the airport. Addy asked if she could put ride an airplane and see the ocean on her bucket list for this summer. We happily obliged knowing we would be making this trip. Telling her about it was so fun! We waited until the day before so she could help pack and get excited! She was too excited!
The airplane ride was very smooth thanks to the timing. It was right after lunch so Elli ended up sleeping through most of it. Addy loved looking out her window and just did mostly that for the duration. We then got our rental and headed straight to the beach!
We couldn't throw our bags down and get our suits on fast enough to hit the waves!

The next morning we were right back there! Addy enjoyed every second of the beach. She was in heaven. She build sandcastles and made a million trips to the ocean to ffill her bucket with water.
Elli, however, the first day cried the whole time and didn't enjoy a second of the beach! The sand really freaked her out and she wanted no part of it!
So after a while we hit the pool. Elli wasn't entirely happy about the water there either, but I think she thought it was the lesser of the two evils so she dealt!
By afternoon she was content to just sit on the towel with me and play.
She LOVED the seagulls and would point at them all and squeal when they would fly over!
Everyday for lunch the girls had lunchables while chilling out in the room with a little Disney down time. They could barely finish eating everyday before they were passed out for naptime!
That night we went out to dinner with the firm for a catered fish dinner with the fish that the guys had caught that morning. The girls loved getting to run and play on the deck overlooking the ocean. The live band there definitely even called for some dancing!
The next day we headed back to the beach first thing in the morning.
Elli made major progress and even got in the sand and played some. She wanted to get in the ocean but was still a little too unsure so she would stop and let Addy fill her bucket for her!
Bradley had his conference all day on Thursday so when he was finished instead of going out to eat we grabbed fast food and headed back to the ocean! This trip involved everyone having a blast!

She sat and filled and refilled her bucket forever! She finally became a beach lover!

There was also lots of burying and busting out of sand!

We spent Friday morning at the pool playing for a short time before we headed out to lunch with the firm to a local hot spot called Coconuts. We enjoyed more ocean front eating and the girls loved watching the fish swimming below the deck!

Then we headed back to the ocean for a final hour of fun before heading to the airport!

We stopped by the big sign as we were leaving the island to capture a few more shots!
We grabbed some fast food dinner and headed to the airport with some seriously exhausted kids and parents. :) It was luckily not a very long wait and we were headed home!
Unfortunately, the trip ended with a stressful hour wait sitting on the tarmac waiting on a gate to open up for our plane. It was awful trying to occupy the kids when they knew we had landed and were ready to get off...but couldn't! By the time we arrived home at 10:30 we didn't even unload. We all four went straight to bed!
What an incredible trip it was! So much fun and we made some great memories! I can't thank Bradley's bosses enough for making this trip so fun, smooth and successful! Such a great group of people!

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  1. How fun! Isn't the beach even more fun with children?! I love watching them play in the sand & splash in the ocean :)