Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hannah's Graduation

 We attended Hannah's graduation ceremony on Friday, Jun 6th. What a bittersweet time! It is so sad to think about her leaving home and heading to college, but so fun for her to join the adult world with us! Our relationship has definitely changed in the last few years from Hannah being the 'little sister' to being a good friend!

Hannah graduated with 26 others seniors I believe. The ceremony was held in their gym, which may shock some, but some town people wouldn't have it any other way!

Receiving her diploma

 Blowing out her candle as they walk out of the ceremony.
With mom and dad
We then went back to the house to take the rest of our family pictures! The whole Erwin crew! As my sister Liv said, we are sure that Era folks have had a lot of good laughs at our traveling circus that has followed Hannah Mae to everything this year! We are kind of her biggest fans! :)
My fam and Hannah
Hannah Mae with her biggest fans for sure! These kids are obsessed with their Hannah Mae! Addy is always wanting to be just like her! 
And we may be tons older than Hannah, but we sure do adore her! She is the textbook baby of the family. SO goofy and laid back. The track or basketball court is the ONLY place you will ever see Hannah in a hurry! ;) She's so level headed and is definitely a role model to many around her!
We can't wait to see what the next chapter brings for Hannah as she heads off to college in just a few short months!

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