Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Addy's first sleepover

Addy and I decided there was no more fun way to celebrate the end of a school year than with a sleepover! A first sleepover at that! All three girls had never had a friend sleepover before, but they were some kind of excited about it!
Landri and her mom
Addison and her mom
First thing they did was get their princess attire on for the party! They changed clothes a billion times and had a blast pretending to be various princesses!
Then we took a break for dinner
Followed by a picnic for our cupcake dessert!

and the sugar may have been to blame, but they then took on Bradley in a game of kickball followed by some cartwheeling!

Then it was bath time to get clean!

And we blew up the air mattress for a little extra fun and they watched Frozen together. They munched on popcorn, and lots other sugary junk! These girls were some serious partyers!! They stayed up giggling and talking until around 10 o clock!
They were up bright and early the next morning! By 6 o'clock I could hear the giggles starting up again!
 They had requested chocolate chip pancakes. I decided to just make regular pancakes and gave them the chocolate chips to 'decorate' with! They ate them up for sure!
Of course, then it was off to play some playdoh! They insisted on all being on the same side of the table and played like this for nearly two hours!!

Of course, this little one just wasn't going to be left out of anything! She had so much fun chasing the big girls around and trying to participate!

Then they played the rest of the morning away before their moms were back!

Addy had so much fun and I am so glad these families trusted us with their precious girls! It was so much fun to watch them play together and come up with the funniest things!
When we moved to Saginaw, one of my greatest prayers was that the Lord would bless us with some sweet little girls for Addy to play with. She has always been in a boy world. We have definitely been blessed by these two girls that Addy has really bonded with! I didn't think it was possible to find little girls that love the Disney princesses as much as Addy, but these two were all about it!

But, of course, any good sleepover must have recovery time! After partying at school and then partying even harder with her friends she was absolutely exhausted! She took a four hour nap the next afternoon! I warned their moms that they were probably going to have way to much sugar, and definitely not enough sleep...but it would be fun! I think we were successful at our first slumber party!!

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  1. How funny - I just read Natalie's blog about Kason's first sleepover the other day. I always wondered what age that started at! This makes me so excited since I have 2 girls also. I can already imagine Sophie trying to keep up with Sadie & her friends :)