Sunday, May 25, 2014

Wee School Program

Last Wednesday was graduation for Addy's school. There are three four year old classes. They also did a program with a few songs before the graduation. Since Addy isn't graduating to kindergarten this year she participated in the program, but not the graduation ceremony.
The first song was a precious song about a kid that goes to sleep and then has a dream that when they woke up they were various people: astronauts, football players, cowboys, ice skaters, etc.
Addy was a ballerina and so she got to twirl and dance her way across stage!
The second song had them rocking out in some shades!
At the reception afterwards.

This is Addison and Addyson! A funny the orientation for school back in August I saw that their were two Addyson's in the class. I told the teacher that ours almost always goes by Addy, so if that helped, she could be Addy and the other Addison. Well Addy overheard me and when we got home she came to me in tears. She said she really liked her name Addyson and didn't want to change it. My sweet tender girl! I explained that she got to keep her name and they were going to call her Addy just like we do!! :)
These two have become big buds this year! Addy will miss Addison when she is off at kindergarten next year!

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