Saturday, May 24, 2014

Spring Choir Show!

 Addy had her spring Choir performance at Church on May 18th. It was called "Agape League." It was based on superheroes who's powers were fruits of the spirit. It was a precious program!
As you can see, the kids all got to wear capes! Addy was so excited and also insisted on wearing her cowgirl boots. I just couldn't say no!

The Christmas program Addy was a little timid to be on stage, and though she did the motions it wasn't with a lot of enthusiasm.
Let me say, she has gotten over her stage fright! This girl stole the show! One song in particular, which I knew was her favorite, was a show stopper! She had her hands going, hips swinging and it was hilarious!!
My parents got to witness her amazing performance with us!

She was so quiet and bashful when it was over, but so many church friends had to give her lots of hugs and high fives, as well as a few giggles for her hilarious performance!

Elli was glad Granny and Grandpa got to come and do a little spoiling of her too!  

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