Sunday, May 25, 2014

Addy's end of year party

I am the room mom of Addy's class. I have to say that it has been the most fun job I have ever, EVER had! I was extremely blessed with some amazing parents to work with and made some really great friendships!

Of course, another great perk to the room mom job was all the fun parties I got to be in charge of! For the end of year we had a luau! It was a blast for sure! The kids and parents had so much fun! I just can't say thank you enough for all the helpful parents and, man, we will miss all these kids that are headed off to kindergarten next year!!

There was so much yummy food that all the families contributed!
My little sidekick! As much as I was running up to the church for little projects and such, Elli was quite a trooper! Some days were a little tougher for her than others, but she loved getting to be in the big kids classroom with her sister!

 And she always took full advantage of any sweets that may be going around!
But the party for Addy involved some crafting,

 Some limbo...and hurdling occasionally! :)
and coconut bowling!  

I just love this picture! It captures her teachers fun spirits so well!
And Addy with a few friends!

And finally my girly and her teachers, Ms. Annick and Ms. Keron. What a blessing it was this year having this pair to love and teach Addy! She just adores both of these ladies! They provided the structure and consistency that Addy craves in a classroom but also were so fun and exciting! I have gotten to be great friends with both of these ladies and am so glad that we all still get to see them every Sunday!

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