Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Erwin Easter

 The Erwin Easter was quite the opposite of the Anderle Easter. We went to our own church that morning and then headed to my parents after lunch. When we got there it was quiet and a few were taking naps. It was a dreary, rainy day and just felt so calm and peaceful!
I also want to note that it was the first official holiday in my parents new house that they just built! It was so much fun having tons of room to spread out and the kids have so much play space!!
We played a few games of War with the cards. I wish I could say I won, but I didn't. Not even one game! Hannah patiently taught Addy how to play and she loved it!
It was so nice to have a relaxing day to lay around and spend time with some of our favorite people!

Elli and Barrett assisted in getting the Wii going. :)
Addy got a new puzzle from Granny & Grandpa that she put together.
I got to enjoy some sweet baby snuggles from Maggie!
So did everyone else!! :)
Barrett wanted to get some Elli loving, but she wasn't to sure about this hugging business!

Of course, we ate! and ate some!! My mom knows how to indulge us in some of the best food!

Then we hid the Easter eggs! They were just a little excited!
Due to the rain, we were forced to hunt indoors! Luckily, mom and dad have a much larger house now, so it was no issue at all!

They couldn't wait to empty the eggs and start eating some candy!

I love this picture so much of these four! I think it perfectly captures the personality of each of them! They will have some of the most fun memories growing up together !

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