Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Anderle Easter

Anderle Easter this year was maybe one of my most favorite of all the holidays we've had together! We had it out at Bradley's brothers place which includes tons of land and outside fun!
 Bradley & Wyatt were twinkies!
We had a piñata to entertain the kids while other adults hid the eggs. Elli even needed to have her turn taking a whack at it!

We lined the kids up smallest to largest. We have had to abandon age order because of my sweet little Addy. :)

The poor piñata didn't even make it a second time around. The oldest got to take the final hit to empty the contents!

Elli wasn't too interested in the candy, but she had a blast playing with Easter baskets!

Then the littles got to head out first to start egg hunting. You can tell how serious Elli was taking the steps! They were a big job for such little legs!

After a few torturous minutes we turned the big kids loose!

Once all the eggs were collected and emptied the guys started a game of tball with the kids.

But it quick went from a friendly game of tball to a very competitive girls versus guys game. :)

Even Nana and Papa got in on the game! This family definitely thrives on a little athletic fun!
I had to include these pictures of Addy & Papa and Elli & Nana. My girls love them so much and I think the feeling is pretty mutual! :)

It was an amazing day of fun! I totally forgot to include a sunscreen application in our fun day so we all had a little burn. :( We literally spent the entire day outside though, so I was thankful it wasn't worse. I am continually blessed by this large, rambunctious, chaotic, loud, and crazy family. There is absolutely never a dull moment! Love me some Anderle's!!!

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  1. What a fun holiday! That's the advantage of having a big family :)