Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hannah's Regional Meet

So I don't think its any secret that I just adore my baby sister. We have spent her senior year of high school trying to make sure we didn't miss any of her lasts. So, of course, we loaded up and headed to Abilene to see her run at her last regional track meet. We were hoping it wasn't her last meet ever but you just never know...but awesome enough, it wasn't!!  We were the most nervous fan club ever watching her run each race!

Her mile relay team ran the race of their lives and won the meet!! It was by far the most exciting thing I have ever seen!! The best part was that they were completely underdogs! They placed 7th at prelims! What a comeback!! It was just amazing!
Hannah and her team! She is the only senior, and these other girls just adore her and look up to her! It was too sweet to watch!
So even though Hannah is graduating from a different high school than I did, we actually both ran our high school years under Coach Neu. He is an amazing coach that is also a great family friend! I am so glad Hannah got to have him too!
Two of Hannah youngest admirers!! Funny enough, Addy hasn't really understood all year why we got excited when she would place second or third. She just wanted her to WIN! Well she was elated when Hannah let her see her big gold medal and told her she WON!! It is precious how much Addy wants to be just like her Aunt Hannah Mae!

 My parents with Hannah!

Us three Erwin girls. :)

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