Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rudolph Party

My sister in law sent me a really cool party she found on Pinterest around the end of October I believe. We were both sold on it and from that came the

First Annual Reindeer Games for the Anderle cousins!
I hosted it at our home.
We had strung lights across the entire area to give it a little more fun. Everything was light up and festive!
We were able to have all 10 cousins there for the party!
Here are the oldest 8
 Number 9, Miss Elli
And Number 10, Miss Kahra...who was quite unimpressed by all the chaos! :)
We did minimal food since it was just the few kids, but we had to have hot chocolate on hand,

Tons of milk and cookies were available.
My sister in law Steph made these adorable little fellows!
We had a reindeer craft set up and ready to do first, after a little snacking first.

After crafting we had an exchange. Each kid brought a reindeer ornament that we did a kid friendly little game with!
Then it was off to eat more cookies and milk!

I especially love this next photo because I totally caught Brody swiping a cookie from Isaac! Haha, that look on his face is priceless!

After a little bit of visiting and hanging out...our doorbell rang! And outside was a note from an ELF!! He had left several things laying around that he needed our help collecting! Each kid got a flashlight and we headed to the trail across from my house for this special search! Little did we know that Mr. Jingle Jangle himself would still be lurking around! He ran through shadows and we often heard his bells, but he never would come out quite enough for the kids to really see him! This was absolutely magical seeing the fun these kids had!

We went back inside to open our prize present and take the obligatory pictures!

As soon as this picture was over, they ran back to the window to look out in the yard where Jingle Jangle asked us to leave his loot...and what do you know...he had already picked it up and headed back to the North Pole!!
The kids talked about this for days! There were absolutely baffled...every.single.one.of.them!!
We them warmed up and filled jars full of goodies for the reindeer. Each kid made a special mix for their own yards on Christmas Eve.

We then loaded up, and headed to Nana's and Papa's, where all 32 of us stayed that night. :) Papa read the Night Before Christmas to everyone before we headed upstairs to crash! 

It will, no doubt, become a tradition! These cousins will have so many amazing memories to grow old with! 

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  1. This is the neatest thing iv seen in a long time I love that all 32 of yall stayed the night there! Amazing amazing memories and an awesome Idea